Managed Services

Managed services / VPN Service

Managed VPN Service

Key Features

  • VPN connection can utilize an onsite WAN connection and fall back or standalone on 4G/LTE
  • All devices are allocated static private IP’s allowing direct access from secure control servers
  • Devices can be configured to have no, full or white-listed internet access
  • Devices can be configured with public inbound access via a static public IP
  • Affordable turnkey managed VPN service for your peace of mind

The Permaconn managed VPN service is a scalable, secured, cost-effective solution. To initiate a rollout, forward a list of the serial numbers to our Customer Care Team, and the access type that your application requires. Our VPN’s provide static private IP’s to all connected devices, enabling secure, direct access for one or more control servers.

Expanding on the service capability we can conditionally allow open (or whitelisted) internet access for the IP client device connected to the PM54. If your customer needs to access their device remotely via a mobile phone and would prefer to not run a VPN client on their phone, we are able to provide a static public IP (DDNS) that maps to the specified device and enables remote access.