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Video Verification

Creating peace of mind and reducing costs through innovation

Permaconn's Video Verification provides Monitoring Centres and Security Installers with an exciting new revenue opportunity for both new and existing customers. Permaconn’s Video Verification service allows operators to quickly access video footage from within their automation software.


When an alarm is triggered, the Permaconn Video Verification service will capture a short video clip or image from the camera nearest the violated alarm zone and deliver it directly to the operator's automation software screen. The operator clicks on the link in the automation software to immediately view the related video clip. 

This clip is stored in the Permaconn cloud and can be immediately retrieved at any time during the next 30 days. After 30-days, the Permaconn service will automatically archive the video for five years to meet the necessary record-keeping regulations.

Video Verification provides the following key benefits:

  • enables faster response to events.
  • provides greater situation awareness for the operator and respondents.
  • provides the ability to quickly share burglary footage with police, responders, and your customer.
  • reduces unnecessary patrols due to false alarms.
  • Increase your recurring monthly revenue and customer retention by adopting innovative solutions designed for your business.