Announcements / New Product Launch – Permaconn Video Verification

New Product Launch – Permaconn Video Verification

August 2021 / New Product

Permaconn is pleased to announce the launch of the Permaconn Video Verification service.

When a monitoring centre operator receives an event from an alarm system, the Video Verification service provides them with a 30-second video clip of the event occurring. This provides the operator much more information and greater situational awareness and is able to make better decisions about an appropriate response.

Using a number of unique and patented innovations, Permaconn’s Video Verification service delivered using existing Permaconn infrastructure and does not require any additional software on site or in the monitoring centre.

This service reduces the costs of guard call-outs to nuisance alarms triggered such as those triggered by dogs, wind, ibis birds etc. When an alarm is triggered by intruders, Video Verification also provides improved safety by providing guards with insight into the number and nature of the intruders.

How it works

Permaconn’s Video Verification service works by pairing an alarm system with a Permaconn Communicator and an NVR or Cameras. Individual cameras are paired with alarm zones, so that only the specific footage from a triggered zone is sent to monitoring station.

PVV works by pairing an alarm panel zone with an NVR or IP camera reporting back to base with a Permaconn communicator. When an alarm is triggered only the relevant footage or image will be sent.

When the alarm panel sends a burglary event the Permaconn Video Verification remotely connects to the NVR or camera and fetches the video clip or still image from the linked camera. The system then delivers an extended contact ID event to the monitoring station’s automation software. The operator simply clicks on the video verification URL link which opens the video clip in default desktop browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.). This allows the monitoring station operator to quickly review video footage and decide if it is a genuine false alarm.

Permaconn’s Video Verification is easiest to configure when using the Permaconn PM54 for both alarm signalling and Internet data however, the system will also work with any Permaconn communicator if the NVR and/or camera is reachable from the Internet.