Managed services / RAPIDlink

RAPIDlink Managed 4G LTE Router

Connectivity Made Easy

RAPIDlink managed 4G LTE routers make connectivity easy for remote sites, standalone networks, or mission-critical applications where high network availability and 4G failover are required.

Supplied ready for use with in-built 4G connectivity and our secure cloud portal for 24/7 remote management, RAPIDlink routers are fast and easy to install, configure and manage.

Enhance your existing or new alarm system with Pocket Secure. Simple and smart remote control of multiple sites such as home and business.

Flexible Data Pooling
Pool together and manage your data using RapidLink Portal. Enjoy the simplicity of combining your device's data to optimise your costs.

RAPID Set-up and Install
Save time on site with RAPIDlink. Our units are compact, easy to mount and ready to use straight out of the box with pre-provisioned 4G connectivity and a private link to the RAPIDlink portal. All you need to connect on site is power and any wired ethernet links you plan to use.
One Stop Managed Service
We put it all together to save you time. One tech support line, one account, and one portal to manage all aspects of the service - hardware, router configuration, mobile data services, networking services (e.g. VPNs), account services and billing. No more spreadsheets and paperwork, or waiting on hold or vendors who pass the buck.
High Speed 4G LTE
RAPIDlink routers use high-speed 4G LTE networks and the latest chipsets to support higher bandwidth applications such as CCTV.
24/7 Remote Management
Avoid expensive truck rolls with our managed service and secure cloud portal. With Permaconn's private communications network you have 24/7 secure remote access to devices in the field regardless of how you choose to configure the public-facing firewall of the router.
Mission-Critical Reliability
RAPIDlink is designed, built and supported by Permaconn, the market leader in mission-critical communications for the security industry. With automatic failover between IP and 4G and 99.99% network uptime, RAPIDlink provides you and your clients with peace of mind.
Flexible and Versatile
RAPIDlink routers are your multi-tool for solving connectivity problems on client sites. They can provide wired or wireless connections upstream (WAN) and downstream (LAN), act as a passthrough link with automatic failover from IP to 4G or bridge an existing network while increasing redundancy.