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Pocket Secure

Your security system made smart

Control your alarm system from anywhere with the Pocket Secure smartphone app.

Pocket Secure works with professionally installed alarm systems using an encrypted network provided by Permaconn, the most trusted communications network for the security industry in Australia

Enhance your existing or new alarm system with Pocket Secure. Simple and smart remote control of multiple sites such as home and business.

Remote Arm/Disarm
Arm and disarm your security alarm from anywhere using your mobile phone

App Security
Securely protect and lock the app using your fingerprint or face recognition
Smart Controls
Remotely controlled doors and gates
Voice Control*
With Voice Control, you can speak commands to your phone to navigate and interact with Pocket Secure App
Control Multiple Sites
Quickly see all events across multiple sites eg. home, office or holiday house
Personal Safety Alarm +
Send panic messages with real time location to other Pocket Secure users
Push Notifications +
All alarms and system messages are sent to your phone
User Permission Control
Admin user can manage the features that other app users can access.
* Currently available in iOS with Siri voice assistant
^ Requires professional installation
+ Check with your security specialist if the feature is available