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Virtual Patrol

Providing an alternative to Guard Patrols

Permaconn Virtual Patrol service makes it easy for you to set-up and deliver a remotely monitored video-based patrol service for your customers.

Leveraging Permaconn's integrations with popular models of IP cameras and our secure communications infrastructure, you can easily set a schedule for video footage to be automatically retrieved from your customers’ sites and securely delivered to your Monitoring Centre for review.

For example, you could reduce your customers costs of traditional patrol services by adopting virtual patrol service for exterior building checks.

Virtual Patrol footage is securely stored in Permaconn's cloud infrastructure and can be retrieved at any time for up to 5 years, and if requested, can be supplied for Police investigation or to conduct a review of patrols with your customer.

Footage can also be easily shared with your customers via email or the Pocket Secure 2.0 mobile app.


Virtual Patrol is governed by a set of rules that trigger Virtual Patrol events at scheduled days and times and with certain cameras. At the appropriate time, Virtual Patrol server retrieves a short video clip or image from the nominated cameras and delivers these to the Monitoring Centre via ContactID.  The Monitoring Centre Operator simply clicks on the link in their normal automation software to view the footage.

Virtual Patrol provides the following key benefits:

  • Scheduled and On-Demand Virtual Patrol events - video footage is automatically delivered to monitoring centre operator for review and action.

  • Situational Awareness: Provide operators, responders, and customers with better insight into what's happening at their premises.

  • Increase recurring revenue: Provide existing customers with new and improved services.

  • Reduce Patrol Costs: Leverage technology to replace costly labour expenses, whilst improving your customer’s experience and reducing their patrol costs.

  • Monitoring Centre Optimised: Streamlines operation for reliability and cost-effectiveness.

  • Pocket-Secure Enabled: Automatically deliver in-app virtual patrol footage to your customers.

For more information about Virtual Patrol, please contact us.