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Permaconn's managed signalling service delivers market leading service and 99.99% uptime

May 2019 / Security

Permaconn's managed signalling service for mission-critical comms is a private, highly secure, highly resilient connection between protected premises and Monitoring Centres.

Our Dual-SIM service delivers 99.99% uptime - higher than can be achieved by any single network operator.

Stand-out features of our managed service are:

Market Leading Network Uptime: With four dedicated enterprise-grade servers across two geographically separate data centres and three independent communications paths (across 4G and IP) to deliver 99.99% uptime.

Industrial Grade Security and Privacy: We use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) with dedicated private APNs and end-to-end encryption (AES128 - the same as banks) to ensure network and data security.

Continuous Integrity Checking: We continuously monitor the integrity of all links across our service including those between customers' alarm systems, our communications hardware and network. Any loss of connectivity is reported to the Monitoring Centre to action as an alarm event.

We have invested millions of dollars and countless engineering-hours to build and maintain the market's leading infrastructure for mission-critical comms.

Paul Behr (Permaconn’s Founder) commented,

"Our secure network developed and refined over many years is the foundation of our managed service. I am very proud of the massive effort the engineering team have put in to build the market leading solution that our customers can use with confidence."

Permaconn is the market leader in mission-critical wireless signalling solutions for the electronic security industry. As the unrivalled technology leader in Australia and New Zealand, Permaconn has developed every significant innovation in the signalling market over the past 15 years. Permaconn is renowned for technology leadership quality, reliability, ease of use, security and customer service. For more information click here