Announcements / Proud to announce: Permaconn is now ISO-27001 certified!

Proud to announce: Permaconn is now ISO-27001 certified!

March 2022 / Announcements


At Permaconn, securing our customer’s information has always been of paramount importance to us. So, it is with great pride that we announce to all our valued customers, that we are now ISO-27001 certified.

This certification is an important milestone in our journey as the leading ANZ supplier of mission-critical signalling solutions.

Today, our network is relied on to process over 1.9 MILLION alarm events every day, and as trusted partner to thousands of security companies, we’ve always been passionate about protecting your data by establishing rigorous standards, rules, and procedures.

About ISO 27001 Certification

ISO-27001 is the most widely known information security management standard used by organisations to secure data, critical network infrastructure, customer facing web portals and App’s.

At present, it is the only universally recognised, auditable security benchmark that can evaluate a business’s ability to protect vital employee, customer, and other confidential information. ISO 27001 is the leading international standard for information security management systems and therefore the most important cyber security certification. Consumer agencies in over 200 countries worldwide trust these security controls.

How Permaconn achieved its certification

We established security baselines and developed and implemented a risk management process. In addition, we provided training and awareness programs for our staff and conducted regular internal audits to measure the effectiveness of our controls. The auditors followed this up with a thorough on-site physical assessment to measure compliance within the ISO-27001 standards.

What this means for our customers

The first and foremost benefit for our customers is that they can rest easy knowing that their customers information is safe, and our core network is cyber-hardened. Importantly, in addition to the security processes in place for our IT infrastructure, staff, contractors, and intermediaries must also clear security thresholds to work with Permaconn.