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Have you talked to our Customer Care Team yet? If not, we’d love to hear from you, it could be about a great experience, or how we can help you win more customers! At Permaconn, we take traditional customer service to the next level, which is why we formed our Customer Care Team. Permaconn has a team of staff ready to assist you with any enquiries, morning, noon, or night – 24/7. We understand that current times have been hectic on all our businesses, so please, reach out to us today. No matter the ask, we are here to support you and your business.

What is your problem?

When a problem is shared, they are also halved! We aren’t naive to think we have the solution to every problem today, and we know we aren’t alone. What separates us from our competition is that we have a team of in-house solution engineers on-hand ready to help solve the problem, even if they might be outside the standard use of our solution. Give us a chance to help fix the problem!

Free Training and Webinars

When was the last time your staff had training on the products that they work with every day? If you’re like some of our customers, it’s been too long! Our Customer Care Team is standing by, waiting to fulfill your training needs - free of charge and tailored to your business.

Installation Assistance
We know time = $$. Most standard permaconn installs can be completed in an hour, so If you’re stuck on an install and need help, don’t hesitate, our Customer Care Team are just a phone call or email away!
Customer Resources
20+ years in business and we’ve been exposed to all alarm panels, the good, and the average! Over these years our Customer Care Team have created an extensive library of technical addendums and we’d love to share them with you, as we say, ‘problem shared, is a problem halved’. Register now and get access to our technical library, all geared to help improve your installation efficiency and product knowledge.
Customer Enhancement Requests
Our success is driven by you, our customer. One critical rule we follow at Permaconn is - listen to the customer, understand their pain points, collaborate, and deliver the solution in an agile time frame. We welcome your input and feedback; you are our solutions experts! Submit your solutions enhancements requests here.
Other Questions
Did we miss anything, our bad! Click here and we will have a Customer Care Team member contact you within 24-hours of your request.